About Yumtastic™ Cake Co.

Our story
Yumtastic™ Cake  Company was founded in 2010 with the intention of giving our children any cake they could imagine throughout their childhood.

Starting a business was not intentional, but after being pushed by friends and family to evolve into something more, eventually we couldn't deny it any longer.

Hopefully you agree!

About the owner Andrea Bartucca

As a child, I watched my mother make cakes for friends and family often. I saw all of the time, effort and heart she would put into each cake. As I got older, and eventually married into a family where my in-laws were both bakers (and owned 3 bakeries of their own), I decided to try it myself. I started by making cakes for some friends and family's events, and looking back on those, they could use some work! 

In 2010 I took my first cake class with my mother by my side. From that point on, I was all cake, all the time!

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